Episode 3 Guest: Joy Nunn

Joy Nunn

Red Wine Drinker, Married, Successful Entrepreneur, almost kid free (one more to graduate!) and taking the fear out of financial planning for women one Seminar at a time.

Joy's Bio:

Joy Nunn is currently a licensed Insurance Agent in the state of Texas. Joy works with retirees and those about to retire. She is a member of the Women’s Mentoring Agent Network and the National Association for Professional Women. She enjoys giving financial guidance in helping individuals plan for a secure financial future. She is well-versed in product knowledge and the use of retirement planning software. Joy has completed training for solutions to complicated retirement issues such as lifetime income, asset losses and the effect of death on the financial security of a remaining spouse. She has worked with hundreds of clients to plan for greater earnings from funds while retaining 100% safety in volatile times.

Find her online at: