Red versus White

Red or White? 

That is the question.   Maybe you are answering, “Why on earth choose?”    

 You are correct!  A toast to you and your good taste!  You are in what we term an ideal situation.     

Sadly for some of us, it’s just one or the other.

I am a white girl (no inappropriate pun intended) but alas, I wish I was a red girl - I really do. Red is sophisticated. Red is sexy. It smells fabulous; looks rich. Red is cosmopolitan and romantic. Red wine is busy staining your lips a perfect shade of blush during your hot date.  And Reds are even heart healthy, as red wine drinkers are forever reminding everybody as they gulp the stuff down.

But tragically, red wine gives me a headache.  A really bad one ­ right between the eyes.  Evil tannins?  Nefarious sulfites? Just cruel luck? Can’t say for sure, and neither can the experts at Wikipedia, which everyone knows is always 100% accurate:

 I’m no quitter, so I give it another shot from time to time to see if the curse has lifted, but this tenacious experimentation continues to fail and costs me the next morning.                                                                                                                                                                    

Boy, I tolerate the white wines just fine though.  Apparently, my love of carbs and sugar has served me well in this one particular area (only).  And happily, I do just adore the whites:  Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc.  All the lovely different shades from almost clear to champagne to golden.  So yummy.  So pretty.  Whites are crisp and fresh, cool and lively. I love how they sparkle in the sunlight.

Whites give you the feeling of summer, lightness, and salads on the deck of your yacht (okay, I’m daydreaming a bit here). We live in Texas, where it’s warm to hot about 9 months of the year and it’s such a pleasure to pour a super cold White into a crystal clear wine glass, sip and wait for the golden liquid to give you that chill relaxed feeling.

And to be fair, the white wine family does have one very distinct advantage over the reds:

White wine does not stain your teeth no matter how many glasses you drink!                                       

White wine does not stain your outfit when you dribble it down the front of you!                                

White wine does not stain the carpet when you spill it or the walls when you splash it!                      

(Note to self:  you sound like a mess - purchase a sippy cup)

So if you are a white drinker, welcome to the family of Gretchen! To all you Reds out there - stay mysterious.  No matter what your preferred vino variety, welcome to the lounge.  We welcome all.