Welcome to Wine Down Lounge!

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I always wanted to have a cool job.  One you were proud to announce, like:  “I fight fires” or “I’m a ballet dancer”.  Not that ‘central/southwest region sales director for account executives providing digital solutions for the online reputation management of limited amenity hoteliers’ doesn’t sound super titillating.  Obviously, that’s the person at the dinner party you want to be seated next to.

At some point, you’ve probably taken one of those assessments at school that indicate what you should be doing with yourself.  The answer is never Underwear Model turned Surgeon or Greeting Card Artist.  It tends more toward conclusions like ‘consider a career in Social Services or Accounting!’  

Recently, I took a quiz in Glamour magazine (so totally legit) to update my ideal career path.  I re-worked my skills and interests to sound more business-y:

Procurement (on-line shopping)

Communications (having deep, shallow, funny, meaningful, entertaining conversations while hanging out with my friends)

Sociologist (making fun of the Real Housewives)

Wine Enthusiast (enthusiastic wine drinker)

Matches found = 0

Which brings us here to the Wine Down Lounge.  Imagine all of your favorite things to do in your job description!   It’s all here!  Discussions, interviews, analyzing relationships, Real Housewives Impressions – all while sipping wine.  I love my job!

Know what I love very best about this gig?   Getting to work with my friend Kelly. Kelly was my instant girl-crush when I met her on a Ladies’ Trip that we were both invited on.  Since then, I have grown to adore her big personality in its diminutive package.  She has chutzpah and smarts and introduced me to ‘Spinal Tap’.  She’s one of those friends you can laugh until you slide off the couch with, which happens more than you’d think (it’s kind of a slippery pleather material).

And yes, I’m living off savings.





Years ago I was determined to find a hobby.  My quest was not to gain a well-rounded life outside of work, but to have something interesting on my dating profile.  Don't we all want to look more interesting online?  I was left to wonder if hanging out on my patio with friends having a great conversation and bottle of wine was an activity or a hobby.  The definition of a hobby is an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. Maybe I was onto something.  But I got the feeling that my dating profile needed something a little more substantial than that. 

I started my search for hobby/self improvement, and this is what I learned.

1.   I make a mean spaghetti sauce but my cooking skills end there, unless the recipe calls for wine.

2.   No matter how hard I try to learn the aperture settings on my Nikon, that thing stays in automatic mode.

3.   Every once in a while I hit the sweet spot on a golf ball.

4.   My artistic level is that of a six year old, but I like to think it’s reminiscent of Pollack.

5.   Drinking wine while doing all the above made it way more fun.

I had come full circle and decided to embrace my favorite pastime. I realized that hanging out with a bottle of wine and having great conversations was much more than a hobby.  The time I spent with friends and family created more meaningful relationships, more joy, and a budding curiosity in wine itself.  As my palette grew, so did my interest until one day I decided to fulfill a ‘pipedream’ and move to Napa. Don’t worry I didn’t become a wine snob; you’ll still find this girl hunting down a good everyday wine under $15.  But the years I spent working and drinking in Napa gave me an appreciation for wine and all that comes along with it.

So I came back to Dallas and recruited my good friend Gretchen, my co-host and the funniest woman I know to bring you the Wine Down Lounge.   Wherever you find Gretchen, you’ll find laughter and people having a good time.  Between the two of us we are hoping to share some great conversations with you, not to mention a few shenanigans  – one glass at a time.  So come on into the lounge, pour yourself a glass and join the conversation!