#Match.com and #FindingFurever (that’s not a typo)

I have been thinking it’s time to take a big step and begin a new relationship.  One full of devotion, an understanding of my needs and endless cuddles.  Thought I was talking about the perfect man didn’t you?  Not this time. BUT if you know any single men interested in dating a feisty, wine loving, woman with a fondness for carbohydrates – then by all means give them my name.  

               My current relationship quest is about adopting a dog again.  And for anyone who has adopted a pet knows, that’s a big commitment.  Of course it’s different from pledging yourself to a man … or is it??????  As I began pouring over adoption sites in search of the ‘right match’, it struck me what a similar process it is to looking for a relationship.  I spent significant time reading profiles and looking at pictures, whittling down contenders that I thought would be a good fit.  Some pictures were grainy but something about them caught my eye, so I’d open their profile curious to find out more.  I was drawn to the studio photos that presented well-groomed candidates dressed to impress wearing a little hat or handkerchief.  Excited, I’d read on and find those warning bells like - lots of energy (hyper) or loves to play with toys (chews on everything).  Noticing similarities? (Except for the chew toy thing, unless the guy is into that).

               I narrowed it down between two dogs that were quite different, each having something that appealed to me.  One was 7 years old, described as mellow and quiet with the sweetest eyes that melted my heart.  The other was younger and had a quirky underbite that gave her personality.  I arranged an introduction with both of them on a Friday night, eagerly anticipating our meeting all week.  Told a few friends who became excited for me and wanted full details.  I found myself pulling up their profiles repeatedly and envisioning a possible future with either dog in different ways.  Sounding familiar?

               I spent all day Friday with butterflies wondering what that moment would be like when we met then I walked out the door for my ‘doggie dates’ thinking, “this could be it”.  Turns out my instincts were wrong.  The first dog, or I should clarify, the foster mom stood me up– well that just meant I was suppose to get the other one – divine intervention.  I see myself, years from now telling the story that had it not been for the other dog standing me up, well you know the rest.  So my excitement grew when I saw the other one approaching me.  But found that he looked much older than the profile indicated with a bad case of kennel cough.  After agreeing to revisit when he recovered, I got in my car and by the time I got home knew that it was not going to work.  Getting déjà vu about your mismatched dates? 

               It’s not because the dog wasn’t the perfect picture I had in my head.  It was because I realized that my heart wasn’t completely healed from the loss of my first dog less than a year ago.  Her name was Chuy, she was with me for 16 years and she taught me a lot about love, patience, long-term commitment and finally aging.  I had no idea when I adopted her that I would have that kind of relationship, but something brought us together. I know if I keep my heart open it will happen again, when the timing is right.  As I wrap this up it dawns on me that’s good advice to follow when it comes to men as well, so I’ll get working on my profile now.  Start sending over your suggested mates – both furry and otherwise.