Guess Who’s Sleeping in My Bed

The morning after spending our first night
together I was awakened with kisses all over
my neck.  A smile spread across my face and
my heart melted as I rolled over to say good
morning ….

  Had you going for a minute, didn’t I?  
If you saw many pictures I posted on social
media last week then you know I am
referring to Stella, my newly adopted dog. A
blond, nine-pound Chihuahua mix around
two years old. 



   I knew getting a new dog was a life changer.  I kept thinking in terms of all
the responsibility it carries, especially since my first dog passed away last year at
age sixteen.  What I didn’t realize is how quickly I’d bond with this new little butter
bean, and all the feelings of joy that come with it.  It’s not even the obvious things
like constant kisses and her adorable, tiny face.  But the little things like the fuzzy
owl toy with a mangled face lying on the floor and little nose marks on the patio
door.  Even her constant interruptions as I try and write this blog fill me with
delight.  Just like kids, pets are demanding, make a mess and misbehave; yet we still
adore them.  Okay pets are way easier; but you get my drift.  

  This got me thinking.  I wonder how different we’d be as adults if we showed
the same tolerance and enthusiastic affection towards each other that we do with
our children and pets.  How would you feel if you came home and your partner
started jumping up and down with delight and covered you with kisses?  Or a friend
squeezed your cheeks and blew raspberries on your belly? Or you were dating
someone who followed you everywhere, stared at you constantly and obviously
worshipped you?  Unfortunately I’d probably think he was too needy and a little
creepy.  And that’s my point.  Why do we keep the capacity to interact so sweetly
with animals and children, but act so adult with each other?  

  Since Stella came along life is all rainbows and ponies right now.  So, I
thought it might be fun if you joined me in a little experiment. When there’s an
appropriate moment with a ‘grown up’ (let’s not freak anyone out) do something
silly you typically do with your pets or children.  It couldn’t hurt.  The worst that
could happen is they think we’ve been into the wine; which wouldn’t be unusual in
my case.  But I’m willing to give it a shot, how about you?