You know the feeling you get when you’re sitting around with friends over a bottle of wine? The conversation flows, laughs come easy, problems are solved and life seems a little easier. We love that feeling so much we bottled it up to bring you The Wine Down Lounge. 


It's not just an excuse to drink wine.  Well...maybe it is.



Kelly Nolan

Meet Kelly Nolan, red wine lover, who (according to Gretchen) has freakishly small wrists.

Kelly is a recovering overachiever and serial entrepreneur.  Her last venture as a real estate agent proved fruitful enough to sell her business and move to the Napa Valley. Now back in Texas, she’s teamed up with one of her BFF’s to bring you the Wine Down Lounge. Kelly’s deeply felt belief is good conversation begins with a bottle of wine...because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.


Gretchen Doyle

Meet Gretchen Doyle, white wine lover with a razor sharp wit.

Gretchen’s best known for her  impressive ability to slide into a left split, wineglass in hand.  Her early career as a morning show personality, comedian, and voice-over artist make her the perfect sidekick in this charming duo.  She is delighted to return to her roots in the Wine Down Lounge following a successful sales career.  Gretchen believes wholeheartedly in life, laughter, and the pursuit of a perfect Chardonnay.